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Filing Convention Applications and Commencing PCT National Phase in Russia and Eurasia: translating and adapting Applications to comply with RUPTO or EAPO formal requirements; calculating and paying applicable fees; filling in forms; forming and filing Application packages; requesting substantive examination; reporting application numbers to Applicants.

Prosecution with RUPTO and EAPO: receiving Office Actions; commenting and reporting Office Actions; composing and filing responses to Office Actions; filing voluntary amendments to applications, requests and declarations; receiving and dispatching Letters Patent.

Operations with Chamber for Patent Disputes: composing and filing appeals against refusal decisions of substantive examination, against decisions on withdrawal of applications or against granted patents.

Assignments and Licenses: composing and filing requests for assignments or reassignments of rights to pending applications; adapting Assignment Agreements or License Agreements for granted patents to comply with RUPTO or EAPO formal requirements; filing requests for registration of Assignment Agreements or License Agreements for granted patents; filing amendments to registered Assignments or Licenses.

Russian Prior Art Search: searching through Russian-language patent and non-patent databases, libraries and Russian-language segment of the Internet for evidence of patentability or validity. Read more...

Russian Use Case Search: searching through all available Russian-language information sources for evidence of using particular technologies or patents.

Russian Patent Analysis: providing Patentability Analysis, Freedom-To-Operate Analysis and Patent SWOT Analysis based on patent search results.

Russian Patent Landscape Study: studying Patent Landscape in Russia which may be sufficiently different from the same of other countries in some fields; composing Russian Patent Profiles of particular technologies or parties.

Russian and Eurasian Patent Watchdog Activities: watching after new patent applications and granted patents which are usually published by RUPTO three times a month, and published by EAPO monthly.

Russian Prior Art Retrieval: searching and retrieving copies of and excerpts from monographs, journals, scholar articles, theses and early Soviet Union patents which are usually not available via traditional information providers as they shall be tracked through local off-line databases or paper-based libraries. Read more...

Patent Translation Services: translating from Russian into English and from English into Russian all kinds of patent-related documents like Cited Prior Arts, Office Actions, Oppositions, Expert Opinions, RUPTO or EAPO Decisions, Court Decisions, Client's Instructions, etc.

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